George Miller and Byron Kennedy passed on the task of designing the Interceptor to the movies art director Jon Dowding , Jon finally commissioned Melbourne based car customizers Graf-X to modify a stock factory white 1973 XB GT Coupe. The Graf-X team Alan Hempel, Ray Beckerley, John Evans along with painter Rod Smythe transformed a stock falcon into a black beast which would go on to became the world famous Mad Max Interceptor!.


Roof, boot spoilers, wheel arch flairs and concord front nose were sourced from Errol Platt and Peter Arcadipane.  The Interceptor featured 8 operational exhaust pipes 4 on each side, but during filming the sound from so many side pipes muffled the sound, so as a alternative the exhaust rumble from the Interceptor was dubbed over, and what your really hearing in the soundtrack is a Chrysler V8 Hemi.!


Finally the Interceptor was passed on to part time actor motor mechanic Murray Smith contracted to service and modify the car for high speed filming.

Driving stunt work entrusted to Phil Brock and legendary Grant Page and the high speed filming was to be the fastest movie sequences since Le Mans starring Steve McQueen.


When filming Mad Max was completed Murray Smith found himself the new owner of the Interceptor due to the fact Kennedy and Millers funds were spent unable to pay all creditors including Murray.


Mad Max goes on to become a Box Office hit with Roadshow buying distribution rights along with giants Warner Brothers Mad Max 2 The road Warrior was set in motion, Murray was immediately contacted and the interceptor was purchased back .


Murray Smith had removed the supercharger to have the Interceptor comply with road use using it as a daily transport sadly the original supercharger went MIA so a duplicate had to be sourced .



mm2 logo

Kennedy and Millers new script - Mad Max 2 The Road Warrior set in a Post-Nuclear future called for the interceptor to be transformed from a glossy show car into a outback war like apocalyptic hot rod.

The Interceptor has a fully enclosed rollcage fitted to protect stunt men and Mel Gibson now voted the worlds most sexy man alive!

 The Producers called for the addition of large gasoline tanks so the boot and rear window glass were removed to accommodate two large gas cylinders .

Rear and front passenger seats were removed along with all door trims replaced with a dog seat and some must have post nuclear additions.

In true Ozploitation film making tradition the interceptors glossy paint finish was re sprayed over with a rough flat black followed by special affects red dust and a bucket or two of Broken Hill mud to mimic a dusty outback vehicle.

Movie promotion
Gas tanks fitted
Gas Tanks
Dog seat



Prior to being modified the Mad Max Black MFP Pursuit Special came off the Ford production line in Melbourne as a new Polar White XB GT Hardtop Coupe marking the end of a decade of rich Aussie GT motoring history. In 1974 Ford Australia announced that it was withdrawing from motor sport in Australia effectively sounding the death knell for the iconic GT badge.


 The SUPERCHARGER; one of the most memorable Highlights of Mad Max.

George Miller insisted that every inch of the Supercharger be exposed above the bonnet, the effect may have looked great on the big silver screen but in doing so it left the entire supercharger dangling a  foot above the engine, had the supercharger being fitted correctly to the engine it would had came close to fitting entirely under the bonnet!! although being non functional the supercharger was powered by a independent 12 volt motor fitted under the bonnet which was controlled by the infamous on off switch found on Max's gear stick, when switched on the independent 12 volt motor would though a series of  belts turn the front pulley on the supercharger, creating the affect of the huge supercharger roaring to life!! a great movie effect costing a few hundred dollars but yet had all of us scratching our heads. At the completion of the modifications to the newly born  black Interceptor, the car was handed over to the movie producers who in turn offered the team at Graf-X a percentage of the profits from the upcoming Mad Mad movie as a alternative method of payment for work done. The Graf-X team considered Millers offer but declined!      

At the completion of filming Mad Max 2 strangely both Kennedy and Miller and Warner Bro turned their backs on the interceptor and ordered all remaining vehicles to be scrapped !!

Thanks to some not so short sighted scrap merchants the Interceptor survived and finally found a retirement home in a scrap yard in Adelaide, South Australia to rust in peace...          

                                                                                                                                or did it?


1973 Ford XB GT



 Type 351 cubic inch Cleveland V8


224KW (300bhp) @ 5400rpm

Gear Box;

Manual Type top loader 4 speed

Rear Axle;

9 inch Limited slip "traction lock" Diff


Top speed; 130 mph


Standing 1/4 mile; 15.2 seconds



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