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Word’s out!! “Mad Max” is a hit.

Roadshow acted quickly to produce more movie posters in mid 1979. This time the second version of 100 posters were printed in orange and quickly distributed
to more theater’s across Australia.


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Major and Independent cinemas and Drive – In theatre’s were keen to cash in on this post-apocalyptic movie sensation.
Roadshow again produced version number 3 of the movie poster in late 1979 and again a colour change this time to blue.


Kennedy and Miller along with film giants Warner Bros went full throttle to produce the sequel Mad Max II which in December 1981 premiers in Australia and prompts a re-release of the original Mad Max as a double billing resulting in another poster using the original lithographic plates but now in a more up market glossy blue version.

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Due to the film's low budget Mel Gibson was given a jacket and pants made from real leather. All the other actors playing police officers wore vinyl outfits. Post-production was done at Byron Kennedy's house. Kennedy also edited the sound there. With such limited funds, only a small number of theater’s were to receive the movie reels therefore only a small number of Mad Max posters were commissioned by Roadshow distributors.
For twenty years, the movie held a record in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest profit-to-cost ratio of a motion picture

This purple poster is the first original version produced for Mad Max in 1979.

In 1983, at the age of 33, Byron Kennedy was killed in a helicopter crash at Warragamba Dam in New south Wales, Australia. In his honour, the Australian Film Institute, with George Miller as a panel member, established the Byron Kennedy Award. This which is bestowed upon those whose work is marked by their pursuit of excellence within the film and television industry and sponsored by Kennedy Miller, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow, Greater Union, Cinemedia and Steven Spielberg.

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