Well that was until a closer inspection confirms Bobs suspicion, a different supercharger was installed for
Mad Max 2.

Restoration plans stall as Bob tries to collect some information as to the whereabouts of the first movies supercharger and as to why a different one was used in the sequel Mad Max 2mad-028ps



Information gathered back in 1984.......The supercharger that was used in Mad Max 1 was powered by the air con compressor and spun around when the air con was switched on, but others suggested it was operated by a independent 12 volt motor, interesting information but no leads to its whereabouts.



In Mad Max 2 the supercharger was connected directly to the crankshaft pulley, the effect of the supercharger being ‘switched on’ while in motion was created by placing the car and filming camera on a flat top car carrier and while in motion, the interceptor was started , but sadly again no leads to the whereabouts of the first supercharger.....simply it was GONE!




Some weeks had past and the realization that restoring the interceptor to its former Mad Max 1 specs were lost, the boyhood dream of driving Mel’s car on Australian roads with a full certificate of registration was slipping away, and no way would the Interceptor pass its road worthy certification in its full combat post nuclear Mad Max 2 refit.

Finally Bob settles for a compromise… leave the car as it was from Mad Max 2 but replace the full concord front nose to represent the first movie and start thinking car shows.

Bob now turns his attention to what little paint remained from its mythological adventures as well as being left to the elements in a scrap yard. The decision was made to paint the interceptor gloss black, again a compromise as it was not the crappy flat black from Mad Max 2 and without the matt blackouts and decals from mad max 1. Simply put, the interceptor is a movie star and Bob felt there was no reason to try to revive its past, just restore all the original parts give it a nice coat of gloss black paint and replace the clear headlight covers for a pair of Hollywood dark sunglasses.

At this point 6 months had past and most of the mechanical repairs had been completed so good friend and master panel beater Tony Romeo from Franklin Side Crash was called in to look over the body. Tony quickly came to terms with the project and transported the car to his work shop.

Firstly Tony went about removing all the rust, repairing endless dents and cracks, re fiber glassing moldings and replacing the concord front nose finally passing the car to his brother Mario to perform the paint duties at last breathing some life back into the iconic car.

Bob immediately returns to his office and begins sourcing a boot lid and interior with plans to restore The Interceptor to its former Mad Max 1 specs.

Finally the call came though, the restoration was complete Tony and Mario had finished weaving their particular magic, much to Bobs excitement, he immediately goes about collecting the reborn interceptor and locking it away in his warehouse as he decides his next move with this.




Car on truck








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