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In September 1983 Bob Forsenko took ownership of the Interceptor, and much to his delight, the Ford Coupe came with its original factory key!


While the Interceptor underwent a major restoration, new keys were cut and the original was kept as a master key.

After an exhausting 10 years of not only restoring the Interceptor but overseeing some 60 Mad Max Displays and Shows all across Australia, Bob was keen to sell the Interceptor.

In early 1994 the Interceptor was shipped to England to a proud new owner...Peter Nelson who is the director of the Cars of the Stars Museum.

Bob was now free to to sort out the huge amount of souvenirs, rare photo’s and paraphernalia to manufacture a Mad Max Tribute Plaque which features the original Interceptor key.


The original R side bonnet air intake scoop was replaced during restorations
because the lock down pins were broken off. The scoop is now forever enshrined in the 3 dimensional plaque.

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