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All Giant prints will be Authenticated by Bob Fursenko and issued with a unique sequential serial number similar to the this Certification box which will be printed on each poster.

All prints in ‘sets’ will have the same serial number on each print.

For more details and any questions please contact Bob.

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Mad Max Interceptor.
The Australian built 1973 XB GT Ford Falcon


The newly restored black interceptor police car was photographed in early 1985 prior to the release of Mad Max III, Beyond Thunderdome, by a leading Australian Photographer using a Large format 4x5" transparency camera.
The use of large commercial film is ideal for giant format prints. The additional artwork was performed at the South Australian Film Corp photographic studios These images are true to the era and a unique collectors item.

NEW for 2015
STANDARD 60 X40 cms (24” X 16”)
GIANT 90 X 60 Ccms (36” X 24”)

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Shipping is provided in mail tubes by Australia Post

Payment via PayPal for peace of mind.

Initially, some of these images were used as     promotional paraphernalia when the car was on display throughout the 80's and early 90's. However, due to the recent and increasing worldwide enquiries from Mad Max enthusiasts, Bob has removed those original transparencies from his safe after nearly a quarter of a century (some of which have not been seen) to produce a series of limited edition collectable prints.

The original Mad Max Interceptor car owner,  Bob Fursenko recently commissioned a leading Australian Fine Art Professional Reproduction Laboratory with instructions to produce the finest prints of his original Mad Max images of the  black interceptor police car from master 4”X 5” transparencies using only the best quality printing process using the highest quality, thickest gauge photographic paper. The process takes 30 minutes to print each 90cm x 60 cm print.
Each print is individually numbered, and then sent to Bob to hand sign for authenticity.

Bob has produced a Limited Quantity of these individually registered Mad Max Interceptor  ‘giant sized’ prints. These prints of the original Interceptor mad max car which was driven by Mel Gibson, are uniquely  collectable and are now available for distribution.
Contact us for more details and purchase information of Mad Max Prints and Mad Max Posters.

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