How did the whole Mad Max thing come about for you Bob?

Well back in my teen years in the 70's the whole week would build around the coming Friday night, I was always the first to leave work on Fridays just so I could race home and turn over the mattress in the back of my  green XR panel van in preparation to go and pick up my girlfriend on my way to meet my mates lining up outside the Gepps Cross Drive-in in the outer northern suburbs of Adelaide in South Australia. Gee whiz, I always recall how popular a meeting place drive-ins were at the time. I mean you had car clubs, the big van clubs all reversing their vans up to the big screen. From time to time you would hear late arrivers doing burnouts and screaming out "you dead cunts" out in the street because the ‘full’ sign went up, yeah great times! Anyway there we were patrolling our bit of drive inn turf when an extended trailer started introducing a coming attraction called "MAD MAX" I mean fuck me a black ford coupe with a supercharger sticking 3 feet out the bonnet with its prime objective to run over bikie scum. Instantly the packed drive-in voiced its approval and that was it, we were hooked!!


OK so you and your mates saw the trailer what was the atmosphere like for the premier of Mad Max?

That same week Mad Max movie trailers started to pop up on television so the girls decided like it or not we were going to make a night of it. Dinner first then the premier of Mad Max! and all of us guys where to shower and shave and introduce ourselves to a thing called deodorant? But yeah the movie had us on the edge of our seats from start to finish. I recall just us guys watching it again when it made its way to the drive-in our girl friends wanted nothing to do with it.


So was it after watching Mad Max you decided you wanted that black coupe?

Yeah! along with 10 million other fans across the globe. You can always dream of owning it on weekends but back in the real world, your tool box is waiting for you every Monday morning. I had no idea the Interceptor was for sale in Melbourne after filming Mad Max so that was it, I just got on with life.  


So how did you finally take ownership of the interceptor?

Well that’s when life started to get interesting. I packed up my tool box gave my boss the finger up salute, leased a car yard, and with a roll of cash I started wheeling and dealing in Australian made muscle cars "hmm" I mean back in the early 80s muscle cars like XU1s, HT to HQ Monaros , 6 pack Chargers and XA and XB GTs were common on the streets and it was always a struggle to get $3995 for any of them. In fact as strange as it sounds but back then it was cheaper for me to fill my car yard with Australian built muscle cars compared to stocking up with low mileage family station wagons, and to see XY GT Shakers scattered in car yards with $4995 to $5995 price tags! Now that was the time to be a young petrol head, but do keep in mind those well looked after examples with low mileage could fetch a few extra quid, but then again a weekly pay pack of say $180 was regarded as well paid. Anyway Mad Max 2 had come and gone and its now late 83 so one afternoon while explaining to some mates my fruitless attempts to track down the Interceptor after being told it may still be knocking about somewhere, when suddenly my car detailer Darren walked into my office unannounced and over hearing our conversation and well Darren being Darren blabbers "my uncle man! my uncle!! the cars at his wrecking yard, No Bullshit Man!!" well Darren being a great employee and all but he would always go on and on about just everything, so I just hit the palm of my hand on my desk and forcefully said "next time knock you clown now get out and clean some cars! and that was the end of that.


So the chance of claiming your prize nearly slipped though your fingers hey Bob?

Yeah! no sooner had I arrived at my car yard the following day at my usual mid morning armed with the saddest excuse for a briefcase you ever want to see Bang! I found myself shirt fronted by Darren with a real pissed off look in his eye then he throws up his right arm pressing up to my nose a photograph well fuck me! THE INTERCEPTOR!!!


Gee Bob, did you shake his hand and apologise to young Darren? 

No just shoved him out of the way and bolted to my office to collect my street directory. I guess in hind side I should have purchased him a bottle of booze but then again looking back now I really should have built him a second story on his family home anyway shit happens


OK so I guess you rang his uncle?

No way I didn’t want to be disappointed by the fact he had sold it even Darren wasn’t to sure if his uncle still owned the car either way I still wanted to talk to him face to face but as luck would have it as I approached his uncles wrecking yard my whole body started to shake with adrenaline, in the distance I could see it parked next to the gate to his dismantling yard, it was really surreal


You must of thought all your Christmases came as once?

Not at all . I was told he had the car, nothing was said about him wanting to sell it. Anyway with my eyes transfixed directly at the iconic beast, it soon became clear to me that the old girl was in a sad state but no sooner had I parked, I found myself confronted by this happy go luck kind of bloke who went on to introduce himself as Ray Evans. Well here I was, heart rate boarding critical the give-away sweat running down my temples trying to act half interested. All this while I stood still as a mark of respect to Ray, as he went on to inform me he took ownership only after a fellow Broken Hill auto dismantler refused to carry out Warner Brothers orders to dismantle the interceptor, plus with the added incentive from Ray to line his palm with silver while the car slipped interstate and stayed a secret until things blew over, then Ray dropped the bomb shell he was 90% sure it was the same car... from the first movie.


your joking!

No! No! keep in mind all this went down a decade before internet privileges came our way. Unless some information came your way though a friend, of a friend, of a friend, you were rooted!
And the team from Kennedy and Miller were brain dead regarding anything outside filming, in fact not till Peter Barton took the trouble to put all the pieces together that we got the complete interceptor history years later.


OK getting back to the car

Yeah right, well it was now time to pull myself from Ray and inspect the car, and holy shit what a contraption. But having said that, it was all there even the strip of foam on the dog seat remained. The only item missing from what I could tell was the supercharger switch on the gear stick. And speaking of superchargers, what a mess. The injector air intake hat was squashed, the blower housing case had silver paint peeling off revealing a highly polished case and the front belt pulley looked wobbly man the supercharger looked as useless as a cock on a catholic priest!! anyway fuck it I want it.


Right so judging by what you just said, you were not leaving without it hey!?

Yes, Ray admitted for the first few years he kept it under cover, but since had left it out in the weather next to his front gate to attract customers. Well that was it, time to save it from these Adelaide Hill Billie’s buy it, restore it, then with a marketing machine behind it let Mad Max fans world-wide know its alive!! Just thinking about this iconic piece of cinema history being used as bait to sell one or a pair of used ball joints was really starting to piss me off


And did ray have any plans for its future?

Didnt ask didnt care, it was time to get me, the interceptor and my expensive swade boots out of the mud. Yeah I recall walking around the car one last time then walking up to Ray “well mate it looks to me your done looking after it so if you hitch it to your tow truck and get it to my yard by the days end I will grease your hand with 6 grand roll!!”


Fuck was that all!!

What do you mean “fuck was that all “his eyes lit up like the ROLLING STONES scoring a shoe box full of cocaine he bolted to get the keys to his pick up screaming out I will follow you back to your yard.

Great stuff! OK Bob lets have a break here on the midnight rant with some Mad Max themed end of the world songs and what better than " in the year 2525"

Your nicked!!



To Be Continued......      


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